Thanksgiving is officially three weeks from today can you believe it?! Where has the time gone?

Never the less, I know a lot of us are looking forward to the delicious food the Thanksgiving holiday will bring with it.

We all have our favorite dish or sidedish that has to be put on the table every year right? But apparently, South Dakota collectively has a favorite side dish according to Zippia.

Each state's favorite side dish according to Zippia

Who would have thought our state's favorite side dish would have been crescent rolls huh?

I thought it would for sure be a toss-up between green bean casserole or stuffing.

Minnesota prefers mashed potatoes, Nebraksa likes green bean casserole and Iowa loves their corn.

Mashed potatoes were the favorite side dish in 10 states; that's one-fifth of the country that favors mashed potatoes.

Although I wouldn't have thought in the south for Thanksgiving they love to have mac & cheese on their Thanksgiving tables.

Did you notice that Maine is a semi health-conscious state and their favorite side dish was a salad? Come on Maine that's not the Thanksgiving holiday spirit!

Just kidding enjoy whatever food you prefer on Thanksgiving Day as long as you are thankful while eating it.

Source: Zippia

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