Do you know how you can tell if you live in a great town?

When three different counties are tugging at you.

Welcome to Irene, South Dakota. Now, at first glance, you might think this is a big town. I mean a big town! After all, Irene is spread into Yankton county. And Clay county. And Turner county.'s 437 people strong!

Named after the first settler's daughter back in the early 1890's, just because Irene has less than 500 people, don't go thinking you'll want to zip right through without stopping. Anytime is a great time to visit Irene, with their family friendly neighborhoods, parks, golf course and many businesses.

And if you happen to drop in at the right time you can take in their great 7th annual Car Show with Dyno Competition (Mark it on your calendar, September 10, 2017). And next year they're celebrating their 125th anniversary and you just know that's going to be 3 days of fun!

Those are just a few of the reasons three counties are proud to call (a part of) Irene their own. So on your travels around our great state, make sure to stop in to Irene.

It truly is one of South Dakota's best 'Under A Grand'.

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