Students and faculty who attend and work at South Dakota State University in Brookings can feel comfortable. The school has been ranked the safest college campus in South Dakota by Your Local Security.

For its third annual report, Your Local Security used a methodology that accounts for school size, type of crimes, student surveys and other relevant data. The firm looked at the main campuses of public, private and nonprofit colleges that offer two- and four-year degrees and have at least 5,000 students.

“According to our analysis, South Dakota State University not only ranked as the safest college campus in the state of South Dakota, but also ranked in the top 15 percent of safest college campuses out of the 435 colleges analyzed for this report,” said Alice Good, communications specialist at Your Local Security.

Your Local Security considered four main factors to determine campus safety: hate crimes per enrolled students; violence against women per enrolled females; property crime per population; and violent crime per population. These factors were calculated based on every 1,000 students, females or residents in each location. Reported hate crimes, instances of violence against women and violent crime made up 90 percent of the final score.

Source: Your Local Security

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