It only took a few minutes, but this pillow fight in Brookings last month is in select company.

It's on's list of the '15 Crazy World Records Set in 2014'.

The event, at the USD-SDSU football game, featured more than 4,200 people, led by Joey Fatone, slugging their way into the Guiness Book of World Records.

I was there that day, and trust me, that pillow fight was a lot better than the football game, and was about the only way to stay warm on a frigid November day.

So what else is on the list of Crazy 2014 World Records:

Heaviest Firework

Fastest Texter

Most donuts around a car that is driving on two wheels in one minute

Longest journey in Minecraft

Most Lights on a Residential Property

Longest Big-Rig Jump

Fastest Backhoe

Longest Backwards Basketball Shot

Longest Fashion Show

Fastest 100m on All Fours (Human)

Fastest 10m on hind legs (Dog) / Fastest 5m on front paws (Dog)

Tightest Parallel Park via Drift

Longest Tongue

Fastest Typing On a Keyboard Using One's Nose

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