One man’s debt to society will continue to be paid after being convicted of committing a crime while within the confines of the South Dakota State Penitentiary.

According to a release from Attorney General Marty Jackley, 43-year old inmate Joshua John Armstrong was convicted by a Minnehaha County jury for threatening to commit a sexual offense.

The jury’s decision stems from letters written by Armstrong in August of 2016. In those notes he made threats about raping and murdering someone at the prison. Jackley issued a strong rebuke to Armstrong’s intimidating words.

“Armstrong is a convicted sex offender and this behavior while incarcerated is a direct indicator that he remains a very dangerous individual. I want to thank the prison staff for the difficult work they do and for their assistance during this investigation.”

A look into Armstrong’s criminal history shows that he was convicted of a sex offense in 1999. He then served his time and within days of release was arrested for a similar offense in Moody County back in 2009.

Armstrong will likely be given more time behind bars during the sentencing phase in July.

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