South Dakota doesn't get to lay claim to too many records and one of the few we do own is about to be overtaken.

For nearly the last decade, the state that brings you a one-of-a-kind carving of four presidents in the side of a mountain AND the world's only Corn Palace has been the home of the world's largest and heaviest hailstone, a volleyball-sized chunk of ice weighing one pound, 15 ounces, that fell on the Central South Dakota town of Vivian in July of 2010.

But that giant hailstone from ten years ago may be taking a backseat to a new champion.

Science Daily says researchers studying a powerful thunderstorm in Argentina two years ago think they may have found the biggest hailstone yet.

A team from Penn State University says among the balls of ice that fell on Villa Carlos Paz in February of 2018 was a 'gargantuan' hailstone measuring 9.3 inches across - a full inch-and-a-third larger than the Vivian stone.

If the Argentine hailstone becomes the new record holder, at least Vivian can still claim to be the American hailstone champion.

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