21 football championships in the playoff era have been won by the 11-man teams participating in this week's South Dakota Football Championships.

Only two teams participating this weekend have never won an 11-man football title before. Tea Area will be looking for their first title in Class 11A, while Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan will be looking to win their first championship in 11-man football. BEE has previously won titles in 9-man football.

The teams playing this weekend are a combined 21-15 in state championship games since the playoffs started in 1981. We have a wide range of teams looking to secure their 4th consecutive title, to those making their first appearance in the title game since 1992.

Teams, like Washington, have won and claimed prior championships from before the playoff era. Those totals are not included in this breakdown. This only includes wins during the playoff era.


Washington: 6-5 overall, 3-5 in 11AA, 3-0 in 11AAA.

  • 11AA Wins: 2009 vs. Aberdeen, 2010 vs. O'Gorman, 2012 vs. Brandon Valley
  • 11AA Losses: 1987 vs. RC Stevens, 2002 vs. Yankton, 2007 vs. Roosevelt, 2008 vs. Lincoln, 2011 vs. Roosevelt
  • 11AAA Wins: 2015 vs. O'Gorman, 2016 vs. Brandon Valley, 2017 vs. Roosevelt
  • 11AAA Losses: None.

Brandon Valley: 6-4 overall, 3-0 in 11A, 3-3 in 11AA, 0-1 in 11AAA

  • 11A Wins: 1984 vs. Mobridge, 1985 vs. Custer, 1988 vs. Douglas
  • 11A Losses: None
  • 11AA Wins: 1989 vs. Yankton, 1990 vs. O'Gorman, 1998 vs. Brookings
  • 11AA Losses: 1995 vs. Yankton, 1997 vs. Spearfish, 2012 vs. Washington
  • 11AAA Wins: None
  • 11AAA Losses: 2016 vs. Washington


Huron: 1-1 (11AA).

  • Win in 1992 vs. Watertown
  • Lost in 1991 vs. O'Gorman

Pierre: 2-2 (11AA)

  • Wins in 2013 vs. Watertown, 2017 vs. Harrisburg
  • Losses in 1988 vs. O'Gorman, 2016 vs. Yankton


Tea Area: 0-1 overall in 11A.

  • Wins: None
  • Losses: 2016 vs. Madison

Dell Rapids: 5-1 overall in 11A.

  • Wins in 2008 vs. Winner, 2010 vs. Harrisburg, 2011 vs. West Central, 2012 vs. Harrisburg, 2014 vs. Madison.
  • Lost in 2006 vs. Canton


Sioux Falls Christian: 1-0 in 11B

  • Win in 2017 vs. Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan
  • Losses: None

Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan: 0-1 in 11B, 3-0 in 9AA *All together

  • 11B Wins: None
  • 11B Losses: 2017 vs. Sioux Falls Christian
  • 9AA Wins: 2010 vs. Viborg/Hurley, 2011 vs. Kimball/White Lake, 2013 vs. Arlington
  • 9AA Losses: None


  • 9AA Wins: 2001 vs. Harding County, 2003 vs. Northwestern/Cresbard, 2007 vs. Gregory
  • 9AA Losses: 2009 vs. Howard
  • 9A Wins: None
  • 9A Losses: 1993 vs. Irene


  • 9B Wins: 1981 vs. Colome

ESPN 99.1 will carry coverage of the Class 11A (Thursday, 7:30), 11B (Friday, 1:00), and 11AAA (Saturday, 7:30) games this week. All games can also be heard with our online live stream, and with the ESPN 99.1 mobile app!

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