Soundgarden will add three bonus tracks to the deluxe edition of its upcoming album, King Animal. According to HenneMusic, the cuts will be demo versions of the songs "Black Saturday," "Worse Dreams" and "By Crooked Steps," all of which appear in finished form on the main 13-song album. King Animal is the first collection of all-new material from Soundgarden in 16 years, and first since the group reunited in 2010.

Drummer Matt Cameron told us two things that he thinks made Soundgarden special then and now: "In our scene up here in the Northwest in the '80s and '90s, we were sometimes considered to be the Rush of Seattle, just because we could sort of play our instruments maybe better than most bands (laughs). We never really tried to flaunt any musical chops, but we always had pretty diverse tastes. We had a lot of really cool influences amongst ourselves that we tried to infuse in the music."

King Animal is due out on November 13th. The first single from the disc is called "Been Away Too Long."

Singer Chris Cornell told OnstageWeb that the track is literally about the band's reunion, explaining, "It means that a group, in this case personified by Soundgarden, has been away and the length of that away time has suddenly become maybe overextended. So been away too long, like thank God we're back now. It seems like it might have been a little bit too long for us to be gone."

The vocalist added that he was surprised that Soundgarden seems poised to once again fill a void for "real" rock music, saying, "I always expected that after we broke up or even maybe before we broke up that there should be or would be some very vital scene, numerous interesting rock bands that are kind of taking the history of rock music and making it their own."