Not only did snow pile up over the last week, but also the snow alert parking tickets made quite a stack.

From Christmas Day through New Year’s Eve, Sioux Falls Police issued around 1,850 tickets and 82 vehicles were towed. Lieutenant Troy Lubbers says it’s not cheap to be slacking off during a snow alert.

“The parking ticket is $35 for the snow alert and the tow is about $160.” Lubbers says the cost adds up quickly. “You’re looking at an easy $200 out of your pocket.”

Keep in mind that the police force has to dedicate resources to officers putting tickets on cars in less than optimum conditions in phase one. Lubbers says most cars are moved when the time arrives to tow cars that are in the way.

“We get our ticketing operations in conjunction with when Public Works begins their plowing in Zones 3 and 2. Then we usually come back 24 to 48 hours later and start towing.”

Lubbers also explains that it wouldn’t be feasible to begin towing immediately when a snow alert is issued. Without a grace period, it would be hard to find an impound yard big enough to hold all the cars.

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