It was early Sunday around 3 am. My wife and I were sound asleep. Our chihuahua was curled up under the blanket; probably growling in her sleep like she does when she's dreaming.

Chuck Wood
Puppy Being Cute/Chuck Wood

Speaking of dreaming, I had a dream about something chirping. As the chirping continued I woke up to discover that the dog was walking around the bed, freaked out at the high-pitched sound. The dog woke up my wife. It took a few seconds to realize that a smoke detector was chirping due to a low battery.

I get up and track the chirping down to an offending smoke detector in the spare bedroom. I took it down and pulled out the 9-volt battery. We don't have any 9-volts in the house so I went back to bed.

You would think the story ends there but wait, there's more.

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About 2 am on Monday, the chirping happened again. You have to be kidding!! It took a moment to figure out that the offending smoke detector was in the hallway.

Chuck Wood
Hallway Smoke Detector/Chuck Wood

What is interesting is the detector in the spare bedroom and the one in the hallway are two different brands and they take different battery types. The hallway detector uses two AA batteries.

What are the odds of two different smoke detectors with two different battery types emitting a low battery chirp about 24 hours apart? With those odds, I should play the lottery.

I've heard that we should replace the batteries in our smoke detectors two times a year when we change the clocks. Clearly, I haven't been doing that, and my wife and I paid the price with the loss of sleep. I learned the hard way that smoke detectors make terrible alarm clocks.


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