Your smartphone can show you pictures from around the world, and now it can bring you smells too. It's all made possible by an app called Scentee, which works with scent cartridges that plug into a user's smartphone. The app lets users smell things like beef ribs, salted tongue and buttered potato. Developers think that people who can't eat certain foods or can't afford certain foods should smell what they wish they could have to make what they are eating more satisfying. Additionally, developers see the smells being used as alerts on the phone for emails and Facebook "Likes," and more. So far the scent catalog offers twelve options that range from strawberry to cinnamon roll and even curry.

I know smell is tied with memories and I love the fact that the smell of molasses cookies reminds me of my grandma and other foods remind me of my mom's kitchen, but how many people are really going to want to smell a steak dinner that they can't afford? I have several friends that would like to be able to eat seafood, but have an allergy. I can't see them downloading the seafood boil app to smell what they can't eat.

Is this really what companies are spending money on to develop?

Will you go in on the smells for your phone?