A Sioux Falls woman was arrested for prostitution by members of the police department's street crimes unit on Monday.

Police spokesman Sam Clemens says officers saw an internet ad offering sexual favors for money by the woman.

"They ended up getting hold of this woman and agreed to meet at an apartment complex in the southwest part of Sioux Falls. Once she arrived around 10:30 PM on Monday she was arrested for prostitution. The goal as always with these prostitution investigations is to find women that are involved in human trafficking. They did not find any evidence that she was being trafficked or working with anybody else."

Clemens says there have been some women living in Sioux Falls engaged in prostitution.

"There are a lot of different components to prostitution and human trafficking. Some people do it to make a quick buck. We have seen some local people that have been involved in this crime on their own."

Clemens identifies the 40-year-old woman as Misty Lea Bozeman.

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