As adults we know that when you donate blood we're making a difference. Now, Sioux Falls school students are learning how their blood donation can impact the lives of others.

KDLT TV reporter Adell Toay says students at Sioux Falls Lutheran High School are taking learning beyond their science text books with the help of the Red Cross.

The Red Cross is teaching students about blood types, and their importance for blood donations, but they have a chance to see the lesson in action when the high school hosts a blood drive next Friday.

The Red Cross will donate $250 if more than 35 pints of blood are given and that number grows with the number of donations.

Jennifer Ross, Executive Director of the Red Cross’s Eastern South Dakota branch, says its important to get students comfortable with the donation process:

We want to connect young people with their ability to give blood, because every time they make a donation they’re saving up to three lives. and we want them to be comfortable with that process and also understand that the lessons that they’re learning now in that text book and in their science class makes a difference in the real world.

The public is of course invited to participate in the blood drive at the high school.

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