One Sioux Falls business has made wearing a facial covering while shopping within their store a bit more appealing.

According to SiouxFalls.Business, The Tea and Spice Exchange located in Downtown Sioux Falls offers customers a 10% discount if they wear a face mask in their store when they make a purchase.

A sign is posted on the businesses' front door that encourages customers to wear masks as they enter. Tami Brown, who is a co-franchisee of The Tea and Spice Exchange says:

“There are a number of people that I’ve observed that when they see the sign they put their mask on,” she said. “They have it and maybe they weren’t going to wear it, and then they decide to put their mask on.”- SiouxFalls. Business

The discount appears to be popular with customers and has encouraged those who maybe would have kept on walking by the downtown storefront to at least stop in.

For those who have previously visited the tea and spice shop before COVID-19, you were allowed to smell their various blends before through glass jars. But since the outbreak, this concept has sadly diminished into personal samples upon request.

On the other hand, this way tea drinkers can try out a personal sample first before purchasing the tea.

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