For years, Sioux Falls has always been ranked among the best places in the U.S. in terms of economy, entrepreneurship opportunities, working women, and fitness.

Lately we've been included on several lists of the happiest cities in America, and now we may have a little insight as to why Sioux Falls is so chipper.

The website BestLife has South Dakota's largest city ranking high on two recent lists.

The first, a number-21 ranking on a rundown of 'The 100 Happiest Cities in America'. According to this list, people in Sioux Falls are happier than folks in San Diego!

That brings us to our second list.

According to BestLife, we are in the top 50 of the 'The 100 Drunkest Cities in America'.

Now if you thought the 'happier than San Diego' thing was hard to swallow, consider this - BestLife says Sioux Falls (the 49th drunkest city) boozes it up more than Las Vegas (#50)!

You can take away whatever you want from these two lists.

My conclusion - apparently we're happy drunks in Sioux Falls!

I'll drink to that...

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