Sometimes you can't make things like this up. Sioux Falls police arrested a man dressed in a ninja outfit early Tuesday morning (June 11) and charged him with robbery and assualt on a police officer.

28-year old Saeed A. Shakir faces a dozen charges following his arrest in the 1000 block of South Norton Avenue including first degree robbery, aggravated assault, impersonation of a police officer (while dressed as a ninja?!?!) resisting arrest, simple assault on law enforcement, and possession of marijuana.

It started with a call to 911 with a report of a man dressed in a ninja suit stopping a man on the street and telling him a dozen times that he was an undercover police officer while threatening to 'book him downtown' if he didn't cooperate. Shakir then put the man in a choke hold, took the man's wallet from his backpack and fled, before being caught a short time later.