Andy Gibson is a Sioux Falls-based musician who is half of the team of Dueling Duo. They are two talented, funny, guys who have entertained thousands throughout the midwest.


If you have seen their show you know that it is an audience-involved music and laugh fest. This week Andy posted a pic and video that made me laugh...hard.

Gibson's post stated: “Today I got to repay my debts. I gave Rick Springfield $100 for all the money I've made on Jessie's Girl over the years. It's a very small percentage of what I've made from that song.”

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We talked with Andy and he gave us some back story on what happened. He made the point that for years people have requested Rick Springfield's “Jessies Girl” during Dueling Duo performances. Folks would walk up tip them a $20 and ask for the 1980's blockbuster hit tune.

While Andy was in Las Vegas for a Night Club and Bar Convention he saw Rick Springfield standing at a booth representing some liquor brand. As you can see in the video Andy walked up and handed Springfield a $100 bill to pay him back a stipend of some of the cash he's made playing Ricks's hit song.

Springfield's reaction and the look on his face are priceless. I'm guessing this has never happened to him before. It sure made me laugh. Well played Andy...well played!

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