What was this badge doing in the middle of nowhere in the Alaskan frontier and how did it make its way back to Sioux Falls? It's quite a peculiar story.

The badge was discovered in the middle of nowhere, at a local antique shop in Chicken, Alaska.

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At first glance, the badge appears to be from the mid-nineteenth century. Perhaps it was worn by a famous lawman in the days of the old west? As fascinating as that would be, it's actually a copy.

After doing some research online, it turns out the badge was made by Medival Collectibles, a site that sells all kinds of old-fashioned collectibles. Here's a description the site gave for the Marshal Badge:

In the days of the old West, badges were a fairly common sight and were often worn by many who held positions of power, ranging from lawmen to government officials, and more. This Sioux Falls Marshal Badge recreates one such badge from the West. As its name implies, this badge would have been worn by a one of the many individuals who would have served as a city marshal for the city of Sioux Falls. The badge is rather simple in its design, featuring a broad, shield design that features a cut-out star design in the center, as well as an embossed Indian head seal at the center and engraved lettering around the edges.

-Medieval Collectibles Website

So, how did it get to Sioux Falls? Well, my sister who lives in the Alaskan wilderness spotted it in a local shop a few years ago and sent it to me as a Christmas present. I was a little disappointed when I found out it wasn't authentic, but it's still a pretty cool knick-knack for my work desk.

Wanna get your own Sioux Falls Marshal Badge? You can get one for $15 at Medieval Collectibles.

Story Source: Medieval Collectibles

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