Sioux Falls writer/filmmaker Brian Bieber shot a short film here in town called 'My DJ' with the premise 'what if your crappy day came with a soundtrack?'

Bieber enlisted the help of a lot of really talented local people to put it together and they held a world premiere screening at the ICON Lounge on July 18th.

Now Bieber's film has caught the attention of Funny or was founded by Will Ferrell's production company and in the early incarnation, featured many short films by he and his business partner (check out the still hilarious Landlord video that went viral)

Bieber is on his way up and with a helping hand from a national website, the sky is the limit! Congratulations Brian! As a side note, has two million subscribers. They also tweeted out the link to the video to their SIX million followers! Cool. As. Hell.

Here's the link to the video on the Funny or Die site so you can give him a big 'funny' vote!

"My DJ" - watch more funny videos