The Daily Beast has listed what they feel are the 25 Coldest Cities in America, and not surprisingly, Sioux Falls made the list at #8.

The most recent data they used was from 2009 when the average temperature in Sioux Falls that winter was 20.1 degrees and 42% of the days it snowed.

Fairbanks, Alaska topped the poll, followed by three North Dakota cities. Watertown came in at #5, followed closely by Aberdeen.

Three of the coldest cities in America in the top eight? No wonder we have low crime rates and better quality of living. It's too cold for gangs and just surviving winter makes us a pretty happy group of people!

As far as our other 'neighbors', Minnesota placed three cities on the list while Iowa had five!

Take the list with a grain of salt as the coldest city in America that I can think of, International Falls, Minnesota, didn't even make the list! International Falls average high for January is 15 with a low of -6. Their record low? 55 BELOW zero. Without a windchill.

So what city do YOU think is the coldest?