Sioux Falls Police Information Officer Sam Clemens says a husband and wife have been arrested on felony prostitution and pimping charges.

"Street Crimes Officers were on the internet and came across an ad where this couple was essentially looking for more people to become involved with escorts or prostitution. They had a female officer make a phone call and after several different phone calls---the conversation went from the escort topics onto prostitution. They gave a lot of specific details about what is involved and how to do it."

Clemens says it's not too often that a husband and wife in Sioux Falls would be engaged in this crime.

"It's not out of the ordinary to have a couple---most of the time we're talking about a boyfriend/girlfriend that may be involved in either trafficking or the pimping side of things. Husband and wife we normally don't see."

Clemens says 49-year-old Nicole Marie Parenteau and 52-year-old Brian Lee Price, both from Sioux Falls, face felony pimping and promoting prostitution charges. The couple remain in custody.