Another Sioux Falls establishment is temporarily closing its doors, and this one might affect your morning commute.

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So which Sioux Falls hotspot has temporarily closed its doors?


That's right, Starbucks, or at least one of its locations. In fact, it's the newest Starbucks in the city of Sioux Falls, located on South Louise Avenue, across the street from Williquors has closed its doors until further notice.

Is this due to the new COVID-19 variant, Omicron? Well, in a note to their customers, the company doesn't specifically state that, but one can surmise COVID is the culprit.

Here's what the sign says at the Starbucks on Louise Avenue's Drive-Thru window.

Credit: Andy Gott/TSM
Credit: Andy Gott/TSM

So, as you can see, the business hopes to open its doors as soon as possible. And while it doesn't specify what the reason is, it would be hard to imagine it having nothing to do with the COVID-19 Pandemic.

While the latest COVID is currently ravaging the U.S., the good news is, it seems to be much milder than previous variants. That being said, it's still leading many area businesses to close their doors, due to staffing issues. Some stores have been hit so hard by the virus, there are hardly any employees left to work.

We'll keep you posted as to when this location plans to re-open its doors. And to the best of our knowledge, this is the only Starbucks in Sioux Falls that is currently closed.


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