In a Sioux Falls city council meeting on Tuesday, May 16, members voted to repeal the 'no mingling' ordinance that was in place to slow the spread of COVID-19 throughout the city.

The vote was unanimous with a count of 8 to 0 in favor to repeal the law.  Dakota News Now reports the repeal will go into effect on Friday, May 30.

Under the current 'no mingling' ordinance, food service businesses must keep patrons at least six feet apart.  So-called 'non-essential' businesses must limit the number of patrons to under 50 percent of their posted maximum capacity.

The 'no minging' ordinance, which went into effect in early May, replaced a more strict 'no lingering' ordinance.

Officials say the action to rescind the ordinance is based upon the current level of hospitalizations being much lower than projected.  However, the council may take action to reinstate restrictions if there is a rise in hospitalizations.

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