I spent hours this weekend watching Beachfront Bargain Hunt on HGTV because I too dream of living on the ocean someday.

Most of the people looking seem to have disposable incomes of anywhere from $250 to $400,000 with which to buy the beach home of their dreams. And keep in mind, for many of these people, this is a second home!

On any given day, I have somewhere around $4 in disposable income. On the upside, I'm not alone. Fully one-fourth of all Americans haven't been able to save a dime over the course of their working life.

Nevertheless, a person can dream. If you have more modest dreams, say, perhaps you long to retire somewhere where you can possibly afford a home and groceries, you may want to choose Sioux Falls. WalletHub says Sioux Falls is the 5th best place to retire in the U.S.!

They came to this conclusion in the usual way. Their analysts compared affordability, quality of life, health care and recreational activities in 150 of the most populated cities in the U.S. Under those four categories they looked at the cost of living, the number of recreation and senior centers, museums, golf courses, theaters, even fishing spots, as well as how tax-friendly a city is, the cost of in-home care services, the weather, crime rate, numbers of doctors, nurses and care facilities, life expectancy and more.

After smooshing all these stats, they concluded that the Sioux Falls health ranking was number one, affordability was 19th, activities score was 70 and quality of life score was 81st place. Despite those seemingly less than stellar scores Sioux Falls still finished in 5th place, overall and that was up against sun cities like Orlando and Miami, Florida, Scottsdale, Arizona, and even Vegas! So, good for us.

In case you're trying to make up your mind right now about where you're going to spend your future retirement dollars or Wally World greeter dollars, (like me), you'll want to check out the full report.

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