It's hard to keep a secret for an hour, a day, a week. You know something your friends don't know. Heck, it might even be about one of your friends. And you've been sworn to secrecy. And you're just busting to tell someone. Anyone!

Well, Sioux falls has a secret. It might not be a secret to everyone, but I'll bet there's a lot of people in Sioux Falls that don't know about it.

I sure didn't.

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In fact, this is a secret that's 1,600 years old! And it's been here all along, right under our proverbial nose.

It's certainly no secret that Sioux falls is the home to many beautiful parks. Go to virtually any part of our fine city and you'll find one. For example, Sherman Park right there by 12th and Kiwanis. Over by the zoo, Sherman Park is definitely not a secret. But there's a 1,600-year-old secret hiding there, right in plain sight.

Those little grass-covered hills? They're Indian Burial Grounds and they're approximately 1,600 years old. There are five of them and radiocarbon testing helped to determine how old they actually are.

Check out pictures and get the entire story here.

It's not every day you can find an ancient gem located in a city park. But now the secret's out. This summer gets out and about, visit beautiful Sherman Park and see for yourself. Sioux Falls 1,600-year-old secret.

And don't keep it to yourself. Go ahead and tell friends. Contributed To This Article


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