I remember growing up watching the Jetsons and reading books that talked of flying cars by the year 2000. Well that didn't happen and in 2014 we're still waiting (it would sure be nice to be able to fly over 41st and Louise on a Saturday afternoon, wouldn't it?)

Even though flying technology isn't even being talked about (in the open anyway), carmakers are working on self-driving technology. A viable model is still several years away, but when we do get there, what might your daily commute look like in a self-driving car?

Swiss company Rinspeed let their imaginations run a little bit wild and came up with a concept car, called the XchangE, for the Geneva Motor Show. Its features include front seats that can swivel 180 degrees to watch movies or play games on the 32-inch monitor built into the back seat, and an espresso maker to brew something to sip while doing it.

I don't know about you, but I couldn't see wanting to relinquish control in the city. Driving to work, the grocery store, out to a concert, it just wouldn't make a lot of sense. But if you have a longer commute, say into Sioux Falls from Dell Rapids, Canton, Larchwood, etc. I could see using it for part of the trip. And can you imagine how great some of those longer trips would be?

Most of us have driven out to the Black Hills at some point in our lives and you have to admit, until you reach the Badlands, it's a pretty dull trip across I-90. But if you could fire up the espresso machine, pop in a DVD or two and sit back to relax, I think I would take a few more long-distance trips!