The next time you visit the Sioux Falls City Hall be prepared to be greeted by an armed security guard.

The increase in security is all part of Mayor Paul TenHaken's plan to have city hall better prepared in the event something threatening should happen.

The new on-site security guards are there to serve two purposes, to protect city employees from danger, and to be the first face visitors see once they arrive at city hall.

Mayor TenHaken told KSFY TV, "They're really kinda facing people who are coming into this building. There are a lot of people who come in that are looking for permitting, they're directing them there, so they're a face and a first point of contact. They're kinda fulfilling two roles."

According to KSFY, there have been a few occasions in the past when a visitor has entered city hall to see the Mayor, and TenHaken has felt threatened. Putting these new security measures in place will help to make everyone at city hall feel a little more secure.

KSFY reports that many of the security guards responsible for the safety of city hall are comprised of retired police officers.

All of the city hall security staff is paid for out of the City's public safety budget.

Source: KSFY TV

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