Does Sioux Falls have an official nickname?

Well actually there are a couple, but the one most people are familiar with is - "The Queen City".

A couple of other nicknames for Sioux Falls are:

  • Best Little City in America
  • Gateway to the Plains

From what I could find research-wise, Sioux Falls was given the moniker, "Best Little City in America" when Forbes magazine named it the "best city in America for business and careers in 2017.

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What about "Gateway to the Plains"?

Supposedly longtime residents call it "Gateway to the Plains", but I've been here since 1981 and I've never heard a single person call it that. Nor could I find any evidence of where the name came from. And if this is true, wouldn't a lot of cities at our latitude, essentially be a "Gateway to the Plains"?

And "Queen City"?

According to Dakota News Now, who spoke to Kevin Ganz, the curator of education at the Old Courthouse Museum, businessmen back in the 1880s used the name as propaganda.

"I can't really say why exactly they chose Queen City. "Boston Globe" has entire pages, where it talked about the thriving business that is going on in Sioux Falls.

Entire pamphlets were sent out bragging about Sioux Falls to bring more business and industry to the community.

I think there are also other cities and communities in the country at the same time that are promoting themselves as the Queen City." --Kevin Ganz/Old Courthouse Museum via Dakota News Now

There are many other cities that are using or have used the nickname "The Queen City". So maybe we need to lobby for something more "Sioux Fallsy". What do ya think?

Sioux Falls: Then and Now

The City of Sioux Falls has changed dramatically over the past several years. Some of the streets, landscapes, and neighborhoods look vastly different than just 10-15 years ago.

Here's a look at Sioux Falls, then-and-now. See if you can recognize some of these old buildings, businesses, and city streets.