If you're one of those people looking to pick up some extra bucks over the Holiday season, I have great news for you!

All across the country employers are looking for additional help through the holiday season. Of course, it happens every year. Stores and shops need extra folks to get through the holiday shopping rush. But this year is even better.

The job market across the nation is the tightest its been in several years with consumer confidence high, and that means companies need more workers to move those products that you and I want for Christmas.

Many places are doing things they haven't necessarily had to do before, like offering higher pay, holding national hiring days and even dangling bonuses as an incentive for you to stop by.

Also they're offering more full-time positions.

So what does all that mean? Well, it's good news if you're one of those looking to pocket some extra cash through Christmas. And who knows? It might just lead to something more permanent.

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