Since 2020 has become Sharknado 5 levels of ugly, we're all looking for unique and fun things to do at home - and I just found a dandy that's a giant version of the Hasbro game Jenga - with a twist - for adults.

It's basically a huge Jell-O shot Jenga game that he has named the "Little Tipsy Shot Tower." It's 27" inches tall with 7" blocks that can be stacked like a regular Jenga tower - but within the sanded wooden blocks are 15 spots to put Jell-O shots! It comes with [lactic shot glasses with lids because this can clearly get messy. It comes with a laminated rules guide and if you don't know how to concoct a proper Jell-O shot, no worries. It comes with a recipe card to help you out.

I found this on the popular website Etsy but you'll need to be patient. It's so popular that it's back-ordered for 6 weeks. Which means this Brian guy is going to be super busy for a while. It costs $79 but it'll be a hit at your next backyard BBQ!

One reviewer said, "This game is awesome! Very well made! Most normal people would be trying to avoid the Jello Shot blocks... but our Family was searching for them. LOL :)"

I also found a few variations of the game on Etsy and Amazon by different manufacturers ranging from $99 - $129 and some can be shipped by early September.

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