The Scott Holt Band brought the Loud is Good Tour to Sioux Falls Friday (April 26) to play a sold out Old Skoolz (921 E. 8th St) and I was fortunate enough to have them stop by the studio for an interview and acoustic performance.

Holt proudly says he graduated from the University of Buddy Guy as he spent a decade touring the world and playing guitar in the Rock & Roll Hall of Famers band before striking out on his own.

Holt has been on the road with his bandmates Tom Larson and Calvin Johnson for about a month when they hit town and I asked him if it's difficult being away from his wife and daughter for long stretches like this. He admits it is, but he loves playing music for people and it's his job like any other. He said he gets paid to drive from town to town and load the gear into venues. The playing, he does for free.

Holt's t-shirts, bumper stickers, guitar pics, and even license plate on the band van all say "Lous is Good". Holt says it's more than volume. "It's about life. Be out there. Be loud. Love and positivity. Be loud! Say these things out loud. Say these things to the people you care about. Say 'em to everybody. There's so much negativity and negativity is really loud in our world so we gotta keep the positive loud and make it louder."

Words to live by.

You can listen to the full interview and acoustic performance below. And since many of you didn't get tickets in time to see the Scott Holt Band tonight, he's already been booked back in Sioux Falls at Old Skoolz in September!


Acoustic performance