While driving through the non-urban areas of Minnehaha County, you can find intriguing displays. One two-lane blacktop road leads to a statement about life.

Trinity Lutheran Church is located south of Hartford on 263rd Street. However if you prefer a Sioux Falls reference it is a few miles west of George McGovern Middle School.

A series of blue and pink crosses directly in front of the church and the adjoining Trinity Learning Center Daycare and Preschool was easy to spot. The story behind the crosses was told by Pastor Nabil Nour.

He spoke of a neighbor who is a member of the Knights of Columbus. This man’s mission was to erect a display that is a statement about life as a precious gift and abortion takes that gift away from the unborn. He approached the church about the project and was accepted.

Not to wade into the waters of the Reformation, but for those keeping score the Knights of Columbus are associated with the Catholic faith. Trinity Lutheran Church sees this as very common ground.

“On this particular issue we are in complete agreement,” said Pastor Nour. “Life is precious and it begins at conception. We are happy to join in this effort to support life.”

A rough estimate would be 300 crosses placed along the side of the road along with testimony from Scripture that supports their belief. As God spoke to Jeremiah the prophet, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.”

Witnessing the bustling activity coming from the Preschool and Daycare, it is encouraging that Trinity Lutheran is backing up the words with action.

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