Next time your child tells you they didn't do anything at school, call them out on it. If your child goes to Roosevelt High School, they've been participating in a new annual event titled "choose-to-include" week.

Choose to include week works in part with the Roosevelt High School "Best Buddies" program which is an organization that hopes to ensure that everyone has a friend and is included throughout every part of the day. Many students at Roosevelt, as well as other schools, find solace in this activity where they can include all students, particularly the Rise program students at Roosevelt.

This week at Roosevelt, the Best-Buddies program in part with the Roosevelt Student Council is hosting throughout the entire school a "Choose-To-Include" week in which every day of the week contains a theme for students to dress up as.

  • Monday is Superhero day, where students may dress up as their favorite superhero.
  • Tuesday is "Step Up Your Game and Choose to Include" day, where students are asked to wear a sports-themed outfit or sports jersey.
  • Wednesday is "Wear Blue to Show You Choose to Include" day, where students are asked to wear blue or their "Best-Buddies" shirt which is blue as well.
  • Thursday is "Buddy" or "Twin" day where students are asked to buddy up with a friend and wear matching outfits or costumes.
  • Friday is "We Are Roosevelt! We Are One!" day, where students are asked to wear their iconic yellow Roosevelt shirts.

On Friday evening, Roosevelt is also hosting it's first annual Unified Sports Event, where teams that contain every type of student will play against each other. The event will also host teams from other schools, such as Brandon Valley High School.

In the words of the Roosevelt High School Facebook page, "Admission is free, but the reward you will get from supporting these teams is priceless."

You can find out more about the Unified Sports event here.

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