Stephen Stills shed some light on Neil Young skipping out of last summer's Buffalo Springfield reunion just prior to finalizing the tour plans. The scrapping of the road dates literally left Stills and Richie Furray flat, after expecting to be on tour for a presumably sold out summer-long reunion tour. Stills pulled no punches, telling Rolling Stone, "We were supposed to work for most of the summer. It left me in a lurch for three quarters and ruined my financial planning. Also, 150 people got laid off that were supposed to work on the tour."

Following their appearance at the 2010 Bridge School Benefit, which marked the first time the band-members had performed together since 1968, the Springfield hit the road for seven shows -- including a high profile spot at Manchester, Tennessee's Bonnaroo festival: "We didn't go (to) all that trouble for seven shows. That's what impetuosity will do for you. You can't go off half-cocked. . . When Neil is involved you anything you need a seatbelt."

Back in June, Neil Young explained to Rolling Stone why he backed out of the proposed tour: "I'd be on a tour of my past for the rest of f***ing time. I have to be able to move forward. I can't be relegated. I did enough of it for right then."