This has been an already huge year for fans of the Doors, and now, the Doors' 50th anniversary The Doors: The Singles drops on September 15th.

The three new collections featuring the A and B-sides to every single the band released in America are compiled for the first time ever. The Singles also features several songs released after Jim Morrison's 1971 death.

Doors guitarist Robby Krieger recalls to Pulse of Radio that during the Doors short time together, they realized they really the perfect group:

It was really, like, the perfect group, y'know, as far as working together and stuff. There was no ego problems, y'know, and petty jealousies and stuff like that that a lot of groups go through."

If more is needed for the 'Year of the Doors', a 50th anniversary 7" vinyl reissue of Light My Fire will hit the shelves on July 28th, 2017. This is a very limited edition and is said to have pressed only 7,500 copies.

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