As promised, Riverdogs are ready to deliver their long-awaited new LP this summer.

Titled California, the album — the band's first collection of new material since 2011's World Gone Mad — is due out July 7. The 11-track set adds a new chapter to the reunion of original members Rob Lamothe, Nick Brophy and Vivian Campbell, who worked together on the band's self-titled 1990 debut before Campbell departed the lineup and ultimately ended up joining Def Leppard.

For Campbell, there was definitely a feeling of unfinished business. "I jumped at the chance to make it," he enthuses in the California press release. "In my opinion, Riverdogs was a highlight of my career with some of my best guitar playing and definitely a record that flew under the radar. Having a clear direction of exactly what kind of record to make really helped the four of us create the music and there was an intense collective focus throughout the entire process that never wavered."

"Going in to this project, my goal was to enjoy the opportunity of making music with some of my best friends, to share this incredible experience with my family ... and to create something that Riverdogs fans will probably think is pretty bloody awesome," adds singer and guitarist Rob Lamothe. "Big guitars! Beautiful melodies! Words about crazy, complicated, real stuff! I feel like Nick, Viv, Marc and I all brought our 'A-Games' to the writing and recording sessions. That's way more important than money and awards and fame to me."

The band is offering fans a behind-the-scenes peek at the making of the album with the clip above, and Campbell promises the record will be well worth the wait when it finally arrives. "I really think that we hit the target in creating a record that has all the hallmarks, the integrity and the emotional strength of the original debut," he concludes. "The fact that we've all remained such close friends throughout all the years only added to the joyous experience that was the making of this record."

Riverdogs, 'California' Track Listing
"American Dream"
"The Revolution Starts Tonight"
"Something Inside"
"Golden Glow"
"You're Too Rock and Roll"
"The Heart Is a Mindless Bird"
"Searching for a Signal"
"Welcome to the New Disaster"
"Ten Thousand Reasons"
"I Don't Know Anything"

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