In the small town of Renwick, Iowa, a few residents are scrambling to hold onto something that they can still call their own.

With a population of about 235 residents the town has fallen on some hard times. With losing businesses such as the grocery store, hardware store, Ford dealership, even a school over the years, not much was left. When their only bar in town closed in June, some residents decided to do something about it.

A group of friends got together and bought the Blue Moon Saloon and began to fix it up, installing new floors, walls, tables, etc. and by September the new bar was open for business. Not only is the bar a great place to unwind after a long day on the job, but they also host high school graduation parties and baby showers.

Unfortunately is this a growing trend around the country where small town businesses close? According to the U.S. Census figures show more than one-third of rural counties have lower populations now than in 1930.

Towns in North Dakota and Minnesota have taken up such efforts as well. In the village of Decatur, Nebraska, a dozen people put up money when the Green Lantern Steakhouse burned down. It's great to see the residents of this small Iowa town banded together to hold onto a piece of their hometown!


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