In so many homes throughout America in another time Painting by Numbers was a staple to occupy a kids time. Thank you Dan Robbins.

Robbins was an artist himself who created the first paint-by-numbers pictures and helped turn the kits into an American sensation. He died this week at the age of 93.

When you think of childhood entertainment it’s all about electronics, gadgets, AI and drones. That's today. But if you go back in time before any of that when you still had to dial a number on a telephone as the quickest way to communicate there was something completely iconic and so Americana. That little tin with ten paint colors and all you needed was a brush and a few drops of water.

According to Associated Press Robbins had been in good health until a series of falls in recent months.

By 1955 the company hit its peak when they were selling 20 million kits a year. Some of his works were dismissed by some critics but later celebrated by the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History.

Source: Associated Press

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