More than 100 cannabis products made by a South Dakota company are being recalled due to a number of potential issues.

Worthing-based 605 Cannabis (also known as Badlands) has voluntarily pulled the products at the request of the South Dakota Medical Cannabis Program (SDMCP), which oversees the state's medical marijuana program.

In a press release, SDMCP Medical Cannabis Administrator Chris Qualm claims the recall was requested because of 605 Cannabis' "failure to test product, mislabeling, contamination, the lack of inventory tracking and the failure to have licenses for edible products pose a risk to health and safety of the products sold by Badlands.”

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The SDMCP has directed South Dakota dispensaries to contact their patients about the recall and to encourage them to destroy or return any affected medical cannabis, and seek medical attention if they suffer any adverse side effects from consuming recalled products.

605 Cannabis holds licenses in South Dakota for dispensary, manufacturing, and cultivation facilities.

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