I love to kayak. I have kayaked in lakes and rivers in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa. I could not imagine kayaking along and a rattlesnake drops from a tree into my yak. That is the definition of a nightmare.

But according to ABC News 4 that's just what happened to a 28 year old guy in South Carolina. He was out kayaking with some friends over the weekend on Edisto River, when all of the sudden an approximately two foot long rattlesnake came out of a tree right into his kayak.

Officials say paramedics got to the scene within 12 minutes and transported the man to Colleton Medical Center. This is when officials say the 28-year-old’s condition greatly deteriorated.

Paramedics say after they took the man to Colleton Medical Center, where they had anti-venom on hand, he was then flown by the C.A.R.E. Flight helicopter to MUSC Sunday morning.

He was rushed to the Colleton Medical Center and given an antivenom. According to The State newspaper Colleton County Fire Chief Barry McRoy stated "the man was flown by helicopter to MUSC Monday morning, saying typically that is not a good sign."

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