A man from Germany decided to fill in the map of the United States.  The good news?  He has a pretty good idea where South Dakota is.  The bad news is he basically thinks the rest of the United States is Ohio.

Credit: @haru_cchii (Twitter)
Credit: @haru_cchii (Twitter)
Over the last week, this Twitter post alone has gone viral with over 50,000 retweets, 261,500 likes, and lots of people creating memes.  The Twitter handle that started this hilarious firestorm goes by the name @haru_cchii (A.K.A Felix).  According to Felix’s map, at least eight of the states are Ohio.  He also believes that Minnesota is "Texas 2”. My home state of Illinois is also an option for Ohio!

Why did Felix decide to fill out the map of the United States?  Who knows?  Also, although Ohio happens to be one of my favorite states, one has to wonder why Felix has this unusual fascination with Ohio?  Hopefully, he puts Ohio on his bucket list and has an opportunity to take a trip to the “Birthplace of Aviation”!

Check out Felix's tweet that started it all right here.  To the state of Ohio, I hope Felix finds you and visits soon.

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