I admit it, the Food Network is on at our house a lot more than it should be. But we're 'foodies' and like getting different ideas on how to make common foods to new dishes we've never heard of or thought of.

Paula Deen has always been a favorite of ours with her southern charm and "Hey y'all", she seems like someone you want to be friends with and cook with (if you didn't mind cholesterol numbers in the thousands!)

After Deen was diagnosed with diabetes, the 66-year old decided to change her cooking style and dropped a lot of weight. But we know how much she (and WE) love cooking with butter, so she's rolling out a new line of flavored butters that are meant to be used as a 'finishing flavor' rather than by the pound or tub.

The butters  will come in five flavors: sweet citrus zest, European style, lemon dill, garden herb and Southern Grillin’. European style, for those wondering, is made with olive oil and sea salt. The Southern Grillin’ butter is similar to a garlic butter. The line will be available at Walmart and her website PaulaDeenFoods.com

Deen also introduced a line of all-natural tortilla chips, made with vegetables. They will be sold at Walgreens and on the Paula Deen Foods website.

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