A popular southwest Sioux Falls intersection has been switched over to a 4-way stop.

The intersection of 57th Street and 469th Avenue/S. Klien Avenue has recently switched over to a 4-way stop. Previously, traffic on 57th Street did not have to stop through the intersection.

As someone who drives through the area on my way to work, I had to do a doubletake to make sure I wasn't imagining something. It appears, if I'm not mistaken, that the 4-way stop was added sometime over the last week. Drivers are warned of the 4-way stop on 57th street in advance and the signs are marked with spinning alerts.

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No particular statement or announcement has been made about the change at the intersection has been made by the city as of yet. With Tea doing construction on 271st Street/CR106 (Off I-29 exit 73 into Tea), traffic through the 57th Street/469th Avenue intersection has increased. With the increased traffic, and for those trying to get on 57th Street during the rush hours, it's not a big surprise to see the change.

From the intersection, S. Klien Avenue advances north towards RF Pettigrew Elementary School. Heading south on 469th Avenue (AKA the Tea/Ellis Road) takes drivers straight into Tea on Heritage Parkway.

Google Maps
Google Maps

With the number of houses going up on the north side of tea, mixed with the increased housing in west Sioux Falls, it wouldn't shock me if within a few years the intersection switches to street lights.

But, for now, be aware and don't miss the 4-way stop.

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