A Sioux Falls woman, who was intoxicated, was arrested after she allegedly dropped one of her infants on the concrete.

"Some people that lived in the apartment actually saw this take place," according to Police Spokesman Sam Clemens. "Mom was pretty intoxicated and was carrying her 11-month-old daughter upside down by the feet. She ended up dropping the child on concrete."

"Witnesses thought she fell about three feet and hit her head. They then saw a different child of the woman, a four year old, carrying a month old infant. That four year old ended up accidentally dropping the month old child on the ground as well," continued Clemens. "They took the children into their apartment and called police. When officers arrived on scene, the mother was passed out."

Clemens says 24-year-old Gene Ashley Redfeather of Sioux Falls was then taken into custody.

"Ultimately, she was arrested for two counts of child abuse and the children were taken to the hospital for medical attention."

It's not known what if any injuries the two infants suffered as a result of being dropped on the concrete.

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