Phil Anselmo dedicated a performance of the Pantera classic “Slaughtered” to his late former bandmate Vinnie Paul during his current band Scour’s Jul. 5 concert in Baltimore, Maryland. You can watch the tribute below, which started with a clearly emotional Anselmo saying: “This is one for Vince.”

Paul died aged 54 on Jun. 22, and he was buried during a private ceremony last weekend, with a public memorial event held the following day. Anselmo and Paul had barely spoken since Pantera split in 2003, with the drummer believed to have felt that negative comments made by the frontman about guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott – Paul’s brother – could have fueled the acts of the man who shot him dead on stage in 2004. Anselmo, who’d often spoken of wanting to re-engage with Paul, contributed a brief video message to the public event, in which he said simply: “Vince, always have love in my heart for you, man. Rest in peace.”

Earlier this week, Pantera bassist Rex Brown wrote a personal tribute to Paul via Rolling Stone, recalling the band’s early days and his relationships with each member. “I’ve been devastated, saddened, and shaken, almost beyond words, about the passing of my longtime brother in Pantera, Vincent Paul Abbott,” he said, adding: “When I look back, no matter what, I can honestly say that there were far more ups than downs with Pantera. It was uncanny the way we played together. Once we got into that state, with that black look in our eyes, we were fucking dangerous, man.

“The best way to honor Vinnie is to celebrate his life. He approached drumming, and friendship, with his own brand of perfection. We must remember the great times we shared with him. Rest in peace, Vinnie, and give Dime a big ole’ fashioned Texas style hug from all of us. You made an incredible mark on the world and you were taken from us way too soon.”

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