Peter Frampton is working on a Humble Pie collection.

The band's former guitarist, along with drummer Jerry Shirley, is working on a box set of live tracks from their four-night stand at New York's Fillmore East in May of 1971, highlights of which were released on that year's Performance Rockin' the Fillmore album. Shirley is writing the collection's liner notes.

Frampton says, "The performances are all radically different 'cause they're all ad-libbed, and Humble Pie is that way. And it's so great to be able to take yesterday's 24-track (tape) and use today's technology to bring out what's really there. And it's phenomenal. Just to hear [the late] Steve [Marriott] talk, and we haven't edited anything out. It's just form the moment we walk on stage to the moment we walk off. Nothing is edited at all."

There is no release date yet.

Frampton says there will be a career-spanning Humble Pie retrospective out next year, and they'll play some special shows with guest artists. "It's who it will be with that will be very exciting -- if it comes off. If I say too much, then it'll fall through and I'll look like an idiot! But Jerry and I are very pleased that people are willing to go to lengths to do these things now for Humble Pie, because I think it's a very underrated band and it needs this, if only just for the memories of Steve and [the late bassist] Greg [Ridley]."

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