The video above has started an avalanche of attention for Chicago blues artist Joanna Connor. It got her on the top trending list on You Tube and in Europe, the video has spread like wildfire, getting millions of views. It's all led to the 'masses' finally finding out what die-hard blues fans have known for a long time: Joanna Connor is a badass guitar player!

Sioux Falls audiences were introduced to Connor at JazzFest 2010. She was a late addition (but a welcomed one!) when Shannon Curfman, who had been booked, had to back out when she was hired by Kid Rock to join his band. Connor is a Chicago legend, who plays residencies at the famous Kingston Mines and she put together a smoking band to play the festival (including fellow Chicago bluesman Toronzo Cannon, who was nominated for a 2014 Blues Music Award for his 'John The Conqueror Root' album.

Connor played on a typically hot Thursday evening in Yankton Trail Park. I had a chance to talk to her before the show and found her to be as open and friendly as most blues musicians are. If you were to run into Connor in the street, you would ever know to look at her that once she straps on her guitar, she becomes this slide MONSTER!

Joanna Connor

For everyone that is just 'discovering' Connor now, she has ten albums to her credit, but to show the type of world we live in, the viral video has now landed her new management and a new CD deal along with rumors of a film role and expanded tour for 2015!

We knew it all along. I'm just happy that MORE people are finally finding out and singing the praises of Joanna Connor. Come back and see us here in Sioux Falls anytime!

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