While those who love having fun at Great Bear Recreation park wait for the needed upgrades to come in 2015-2016,  the one thing they won't have to wait for is increased prices.  The Sioux Falls Park and Recreation Board has given the go-ahead to increase rates for Great Bear's upcoming season during peak hours.

Those waiting to take their tubes down the hill often had to wait in lines that would sometimes last about 30 minutes during the afternoon hours, weekends and school holidays, and that time frame is just too long of a wait according to General Manager Dan Grider.

Tubing rates for holidays and weekends will go up by $1 for off-peak hours, $2 for peak hours and $3 for all-day passes. Lift tickets for the ski hill will also be going up $3.

Managers at Great Bear are hoping that by only slightly increasing rates during off-peak hours, this will encourage more people to come enjoy the park during the morning and evening times, spreading the crowds out and allowing tubers to get more runs and have more fun while there.

Although increasing rates is never the most popular choice, until the 2015-2016 upgrades of doubling the number of lanes on the tubing hill and a new lift is installed, problems faced during last snow season will hopefully diminish.