More details continue to come from the Led Zeppelin camp from their 2007 reunion concert and subsequent rumors of the band trying out new lead singers when Robert Plant decided that he didn't want to participate past the one show.

Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham were all fired up to continue what they started at that one show (and if you've watched "Celebration Day" it's easy to see why they were excited. It was fantastic!) but Plant had his project with Alison Krauss

Ultimately the decision to do nothing came because Page and Jones couldn't agree on a singer. Myles Kennedy and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler have both gone public about their 'tryout's' for the band and Jones really liked Kennedy.

Page decided that if Plant wasn't in, he didn't want to continue with the Led Zeppelin name. He said that they would 'have' to play some Zep classics, and had in fact rehearsed 'Carouselambra' from In Through The Out Door, a song they never played live in concert. But Page said Led Zeppelin songs would be played at a show only after some really great NEW music from the band.

I was never excited about someone replacing Plant as lead singer of Led Zeppelin, but reading that it was going to be a new band, playing new music, I'm disappointed they couldn't get something together. Page has said that he is working on new music and we'll hear it this year. Other members of a band or a singer haven't been revealed.