Currently, the big Consumer Electronics Show (or CES) is taking place, and we've been hearing some interesting stories coming out of it, but the coolest thing so far is this new trailer for Guillermo del Toro's 'Pacific Rim.' Though it features the same narrative and much of the footage from the last trailer, what's new is even more monster and robot mayhem.

So far the biggest news out of CES is that Sony is unveiling 4K home theater systems, and plan to master upcoming and recent films on Blu-ray to reflect 4K quality. This is fascinating and has all sorts of ramifications (to wit, what's the point of going to the theater if home video is of the exact same quality), but we'd rather talk about this trailer, which features some great looking effects work.

And we're hoping this is special because it looks like something new and exciting and something we've always wanted to see: a big budget 'Godzilla' type of movie done right, but also turned into something else. It's hard not to love 'Ultraman' and the like, but the budgetary limitations are readily apparent, and for the most part you were waiting for the monster fights. The idea that there could be a compelling narrative and awesome special effects work... again, we hope it works.

'Pacific Rim' will be in theaters July 12, here's the CES trailer: